Mr. Walker Bumper Sticker

Make Springfield a safer place for all by showing others that you care about pedestrians. Slow at crosswalks and give walkers a chance to cross safely. 

Help us spread the word and let others know that you care about pedestrians and yield to them in crosswalks. Show your support with a Mr. Walker bumper sticker. 

Pick up your free Mr. Walker sticker at the following locations: 

Busch Municipal Building
840 N. Boonville Ave.

Doling Family Center
301 E. Talmage

Dan Kinney Family Center
5701 S. Blackman Rd. 

Chesterfield Family Center
2511 W. Republic Rd. 

Or, send a self-addressed and postmarked envelope to:

City of Springfield
Traffic Operations - SGF Yields
840 Boonville Ave
Springfield, MO 65802

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