Rountree Neighborhood Planning

Participants at Neighborhood Plan meeting at Rountree gym
In the Spring of 2015 the Rountree Neighborhood Association Board asked Springfield City Council to initiate a review and consider amending the Rountree Neighborhood Plan and the Rountree Urban Conservation District. In January 2017 City Council directed staff to move forward with an update to the Rountree Neighborhood Plan and bring forward recommendations for amendments to the Rountree Urban Conservation District. Each subsequent plan, including this addition, represents a point in time review of the neighborhood health and memorializes issues of concern and value, in addition to strategies for targeted improvement. In the Spring of 2018, H3 Studio was hired to assist the City with an independent study of the National Avenue and Cherry Street corridors and provide an outside perspective on how the corridors should optimally be developed and improved in the coming years.

City Council adopted the Rountree Neighborhood Plan as an extension of the City's Comprehensive Plan on November 19, 2018. The adopted plan can be viewed below: 

Rountree Plan 
H3 Summary Report

City Planning Staff
Alana Owen, Senior Planner – Project Manager
Mary Lilly Smith, Director
Brendan Griesemer, Assistant Director
Randall Whitman, Principal Planner
Alyssa Ahner, Associate Planner
Wanda Young, Graphics

Neighborhood Steering Committee
Jeff Bentley
Louise Knauer
Jeff Barber
Jim Lohmeyer
Laurel Bryant
Nancy Dornan
Nancy Evans
Paden Chambers
Peggy Wise

H3 Studio
John Hoal, Founding Principal
Timothy Breihan, Project Manager
Julia Pancoast, Senior Urban Designer

Below, you will find links to pages, each with a brief explanation, arranged in sequence from 1-13. You are strongly encouraged to review each in order as this will give you best opportunity to understand the process and final recommendations provided by the City and H3 Studio.

  1. Existing Zoning and Urban Conservation District Overlay - This map illustrates the underlying zoning for the entire study area and the Urban Conservation District.
  2. Neighborhood Health and Stability Indicators (by sub-area) - This map illustrates two significant factors studied independently by sub-area that reflect and impact the overall health of the neighborhood.
  3. Neighborhood Demographics - The charts, graphs and accompanying data on this board are generated from the U.S. Census Bureau, ESRI, the Greene County Assessor’s Database, and the Neighborhood Survey completed by the City in February 2018.
  4. Rountree Neighborhood Study Area and Sub-Areas - This map and the corresponding 6 colors represent how each area of the neighborhood was independently studied and where the Goals and corresponding Recommended Actions will impact each sub-area of the neighborhood.
  5. Significant Findings - This board illustrates significant conclusions and findings identified following the completion of the neighborhood survey, various steering committee and focus group meetings, recommendations from H3 Studio and staff analysis of the data and demographics from the Rountree Neighborhood Study Area.
  6. Rountree Neighborhood Expansion
    • Existing and proposed expansion of Rountree Neighborhood Association boundary
    • Existing and proposed expansion of Rountree Urban Conservation District (UCD) boundary
  7. Goals 1 - 6 and Recommended Actions
  8. Goals 7 -12 and Recommended Actions
  9. Goals 13 - 21 and Recommended Actions
  10. Goal 22 and Recommended Action
  11. Residential Infill & Rehabilitation Guidelines
  12. Cherry/Elm Building Development Standards
  13. National Ave. Building Development Standards
  14. Visions & Goals
  15. Neighborhood Development Principles
  16. Proposed Rountree UCD & Sub-areas
  17. UCD Sub-area Recommendation
  18. UCD Sub-area Recommendation
  19. UCD Sub-area Recommendation
  20. UCD Sub-area Recommendation
  21. UCD Sub-area Recommendation
  22. UCD Sub-area Recommendation
  23. UCD Sub-area Recommendation