Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines

The City of Springfield is committed to improving the safety of motorists and workers through implementing clear and consistent traffic control in City of Springfield work zones.

The City of Springfield references the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for streets and highways produced by the Federal Highway Administration in plans, permits and internal operations. This policy guide, and its associated Typical Applications (TAs), were developed to provide additional clarification, guidance, and detail in developing and utilizing standard temporary traffic control plans within the City of Springfield. 

The TAs outlined in this guide, provide customized applications, based on the MUTCD, to fit the traffic volumes, topography and work applications most commonly encountered on streets within city limits. 

Use of this policy and guide does not alleviate the requirements of contractors or permittees to submit a temporary traffic control plan for each project and have qualified personnel implement the traffic control in the field in conformance with MUTCD guidelines. 

Download the Work Zone Policy Guide

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