Where's Mr. Walker?

Life-size statues of Mr. Walker have been installed in nine locations around Springfield. The presence of these brightly-colored statues is intended to reinforce existing crosswalk signage and serve as a visible reminder to both drivers and pedestrians to use and respect crosswalks. 

Statues are located in the following locations:20181106_113858

  • Park Central Square - Southwest corner directly in front of the Park Central Branch Library.
  • Commercial Street - Crosswalk location near the intersection of Commercial Street and Robberson Avenue.
  • Cherry Street at Pickwick Ave - Mr. Walker is enjoying the Rountree business area!
  • National Avenue & Elm Street - Mr. Walker is right at the intersection, bringing awareness to frequent pedestrian crossings. 
  • Campbell Avenue & Walnut Lawn Street – Located at the X-walk compliance board on the northwest corner, letting drivers know how they are doing with yielding to pedestrians.
  • Grand Street & Hammons PKWY – Right by the MSU Campus, Mr. Walker reminds drivers to not just yield to oncoming vehicles, but to pedestrians as well.
  • Division Street & Glenstone Avenue – Located at the X-walk compliance board on the northwest corner, this walker let’s people know how many drivers are currently choosing to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.
  • Campbell Ave & Grant Street – Mr. Walker is alerting drivers to the pedestrians that are crossing to get to the grocery store. Be sure to yield! 
  • Sunset Street and Grant Avenue - Look for Mr. Walker where the trail crosses the road! 
  • Jefferson Ave near Sunset - Meet Mr. Walker on the Greenway Trail! 
  • Monastery Street near Kimbrough Avenue - Another trailside location to high-five Mr. Walker. 

Currently "Student Walker and Mr. Walker" statues are located at the pedestrian safety focus schools for the 2019/20 school year:  

  • Robberson Elementary School
  • Mann Elementary School
  • Bingham School

Join in the fun!

SGF Yields encourages residents to show their support for pedestrian safety. Post your Mr. Walker selfies to social media using the hashtag #SGFYields. Photos may also be submitted to [email protected].

Please remember to practice safety while using smart phones or other devices near traffic.