Officer Involved Shootings Resulting in Injury


08-33295  7/24/2008   1 W/M  Officers responded to an assault. Suspect runs from the scene into an apartment. Suspect exits apartment with knife and approaches officer in a threatening manner. Officer discharges firearm ending the threat. Suspect dies as a result of the gunshot wound.  White/Male  Justified
10-05301   2/8/2010 
 1 W/M 
 2 W/F 
Suspect of an assault was fleeing in a vehicle and being pursued by officers. Suspect struck one officer's vehicle, drove into a yard and became stuck. The suspect then intentionally drove the truck at one of the officers. Three officers fired at the suspect and he was wounded and taken into custody. White Male Justified
10-17643  5/1/2010  1 W/M  Officer stops suspected DWI driver. The rear passenger of the vehicle lies about his name and then flees on foot. The Officer chases the suspect on foot. While running the suspect produces a handgun and points it at the officer. The officer fires his weapon and ends the threat. Suspect dies as a result of gunshot wound. Black/Male Justified
13-7501  2/22/2013  9 W/M 
1 W/F 
Suspect burglarizes businesses and steals a vehicle. Officers track suspect in snow to an address. Suspect fires a handgun at officers at the scene, striking one officer. 10 officers fire weapons at the suspect as he fires at them and attempts to flee the scene. The suspect is struck multiple times and dies as a result of gunshot wounds.  White/Male Justified
1 W/M 
Officer sent to an address due to a panhandler. Officer contacts the suspect at the location. While speaking with the suspect, the suspect flees on foot. The officer mistakenly fires his handgun rather than his Taser, striking the suspect in the buttocks. The suspect is injured but survives. Due to the officer's actions, criminal charges were filed and the officer is terminated.

White/Male  Charges Filed


5/13/2014  2 W/M 

Officers respond to a storage facility in regards to a female firing a weapon at subjects. When officers arrive the female exits an apartment and points a handgun at officers. Two officers fire their weapons and end the threat. The suspect is struck and dies as a result of a gunshot wound.

White/Female Justified
15-6228  2/17/2015  1 W/M  Officers respond to a suspected burglary. An Officer becomes involved in a foot pursuit with the suspect. The suspect runs to a darkened area and begins grabbing along his waist line. Verbal commands are given by the officer to the suspect to show his hands. The suspect refuses and the officers fires his weapon ending the threat. The suspect dies as a result of a gunshot wound. White/Male Justified
15-44203  11/4/2015  2 W/M  Officer stops at what he believes is a traffic accident. While attempting to contact one of the drivers, the suspect flees on foot. The suspect produces a handgun and points it at his own head. After a lengthy walking pursuit, during which the suspect fires one round, the suspect then points the gun at officers. Two officers fire their weapons ending the threat. The suspect dies as a result of a gunshot wound.

White/Male Justified
15-47472  11/25/2015  1 W/M

Officer responds to a domestic disturbance. When the officer arrives he contacts a female inside a home. While inside he hears a male voice in another room. The officer contacts the male who is holding a knife to his own throat. The officer gives verbal commands but the suspect fails to comply. The suspect approaches the officer with the knife and struggles with the officer over his duty weapon. During the struggle the suspect is able to pull the trigger on the officer's weapon-shooting himself The suspect dies as a result of the gunshot wound.

White/Male  Self inflicted with officer's duty weapon

16-07945 2/27/2016 1 W/M Officer noticed a suspicious vehicle while out at a convenience store. The officer contacted the driver who was uncooperative. The driver fled in the vehicle while the officer was attempting to speak to him. The officer's leg became trapped in the rear wheel well of the vehicle dragging the officer across the lot and down the street. The driver failed to stop and the officer fired 2 shots into the cab of the vehicle in an attempt to stop the driver. The officer became dislodged. The driver was not struck by the rounds. White/Male  Justified
17-00024  1/1/2017  3 W/M

Officers respond to a domestic disturbance involving a firearm. Several officers arrive and locate the suspect on a bicycle. The suspect ignored verbal commands to dismount the bicycle and rode away. One officer deployed a taser, but it was ineffective. The suspect produced a handgun and a gunshot was heard by officers. Less lethal bean bags were also utilized, but were ineffective. The suspect raised the handgun towards officers and three officers fired at the suspect, ending the threat. The suspect died as a result of a gunshot wound.

Black/Male  Justified
17-20253  5/11/2017  2 W/M

Officers responded to a check person with a weapon call. Officers located the suspect and ordered him to stop, but he fled on foot, with officers chasing him. At one point, the suspect turned and pointed a handgun at officers. Two officers fire their duty weapons ending the threat. Unknown to the officers at the time, the suspect had just robbed a convenience store in the same area. The suspect was taken into custody and survived.  White/Male  Justified

8/12/2017 1 Pacific Islander/M

Officers responded to a call where a suicidal male subject said he would shoot at officers if they showed up. The male subject exited the residence several times, once with a scoped rifle. The male subject took up a shooting stance behind a vehicle and lowered the rifle towards officers. One officer fired at the subject two different times ending the threat. The suspect was taken into custody. The suspect survived.  White/Male  Justified
18-00613  1/5/2018  1 W/M  Officers responded to a burglary in progress involving two possible suspects. The first arriving officer observed the possible suspect vehicle leaving the area as he was approaching on foot. The officer then observed a suspect crouched down holding a large knife. The officer drew his duty handgun and ordered the suspect to drop the knife. The suspect complied, but then ran from the officer. The officer was able to catch the suspect behind the residence and a physical struggle ensued. During the struggle, the suspect produced a handgun and pointed it at the officer. The officer fired his duty handgun, ending the threat. The suspect died as a result of gunshot wounds.

White/Male Justified
18-21518   6/4/2018  2 W/M Officers responded to a call of a subject stealing a package from the front porch of a residence. When officers arrived, several bystanders began pointing out the last location the suspect had been seen, and that the suspect was armed with a handgun. The first officer encountered the suspect on foot. The suspect immediately pulled a handgun from the front of his waistband and fired at the officer. The officer took cover behind a nearby tree and returned fire with his duty handgun, grazing the suspect with one bullet. The suspect fled, attempted to break into a residence north of the residence the shooting had occurred at. The suspect fired the gun into the residence, attempting to break into it. The suspect then ran to the west after the unsuccessful burglary. The second officer chased the suspect on foot. The second officer caught up to the suspect, who had just climbed over a six-foot chain link fence, and challenged the suspect. The suspect dropped the weapon, but within very close proximity to himself. The second officer continually gave the suspect verbal commands, but the suspect didn't comply. The suspect dropped to his knees, picked the handgun back up, and pointed it at the officer. The officer fired one round from his duty shotgun, striking and killing the suspect.

White/Male Justified
19-7404 2/25/2019 2 W/M Officers responded to a general disturbance call. The caller said he could hear a female screaming, "Call 9-1-1; he's trying to kill me." When officers arrived, they approached the apartment door. It was quiet inside of the apartment until one officer knocked on the door. The female then screamed again that "he" was going to kill her. Fearing the female victim was in imminent danger of serious physical injury, or death, one officer forced opened the door, which had been barricaded by a couch. The male suspect jumped over the couch, armed with a large butcher knife style weapon, and charged one officer. Officers challenged the suspect, but they had very little room to maneuver. One officer fired his duty weapon striking the suspect, who died as a result of his injuries. The female victim had significant defensive wound type cuts to her hands, her chest, and her head. She survived her injuries.  White/Male 

19-13200 4/9/2019 1 W/M; 1 W/F Officers were dispatched to a check the well-being call in reference to a subject passed out behind the wheel of a gray, or silver Dodge Caravan. When officers arrived, the driver of the van had revived and was driving away. Officers stopped the vehicle. During the investigation, officers learned the plates and the van were reported as stolen. Officers ordered the driver from the van, but he refused and put the vehicle in gear. One officer attempted to reach into the van to grab the keys and shut the vehicle off. That officer didn't accomplish that and the driver sped away, dragging that officer approximately 20 yards. When that officer was able to disengage from the van, the second officer fired three rounds at the driver, striking the driver once. The driver was located a short time later, ran from officers of foot, but was apprehended. The driver was taken to a local hospital and treated for his injuries. The driver was arrested for first-degree assault on a law enforcement officer.  White/Male  Justified
19-50753 12/24/2019 4 W/M Officers were dispatched to an active assault involving a hammer. Upon arrival, officers heard a female inside of the residence screaming for help. Officers forced entry into the residence. Officers encountered a white male armed with a handgun inside a back bedroom. As the male suspect saw officers, he racked the slide on the handgun and raised the handgun towards a female who was laying on the bed in the same room. The first officer in the "stack" fired his duty handgun four times ending the threat from the male suspect. The suspect died from his injuries. White/Male (Fatal) Justified
20-18321 6/09/2020 W/F Suspect traveled to Springfield Police Headquarters in a vehicle and created a disturbance by urinating on the front lobby doors. Officers attempted to contact the suspect, but he left the area in a vehicle. A short time later, he returned and drove through the Headquarters parking lot. Two officers attempted to make contact but the suspect again fled in a vehicle. While the officers checked the area on foot, the suspect returned the Headquarters parking lot and drove at one of the officers, striking and driving over him. The suspect continued to drive forward while the officer was still under the vehicle. The other officer challenged the suspect, but the suspect did not stop and the officer fired three rounds from her duty weapon at the suspect. The suspect stopped his actions after being struck by the gunfire, surrendered and was taken into custody. The suspect sustained non-life-threatening injuries, was taken to a local hospital, treated for his injuries, and subsequently charged with 1st degree assault on a special victim (LEO).  White/Male Justified
20-43892 12/29/20 3 W/M While on patrol an officer located a possible stolen vehicle, that he recognized from a prior incident, on the parking lot of a gas station. The vehicle was backed into a parking space and a white female was seated in the driver’s seat. The officer parked his patrol vehicle slightly in front of the suspect vehicle, approached the vehicle on foot and gave commands for the driver to exit. She did not comply with the officer’s commands. Two other officers arrived and assisted. After multiple attempts to have her get out of the car, she still did not comply. The driver then started the vehicle and drove forward, striking the initial officer and another vehicle. The officer that was struck fired his duty weapon. The other two officers lost sight of the first officer, and believing he was underneath the suspect’s vehicle, also fired their duty weapons at the suspect. The female suspect continued driving and fled the scene. She was located later and discovered to have been struck by the officer’s gunfire and suffered non-life threatening injuries. The female was arrested and charged with for 1st degree assault on a special victim (LEO). The initial officer also suffered non-life threatening injuries. White/Female Justified
21-16988 5/15/21 2 W/M Investigators were attempting to locate a white male that was an outstanding fugitive and a person of interest in a recent homicide. Investigators located the male at a gas station, who was the passenger in a vehicle. Investigators attempted to contact the male and arrest him. As investigators approached the male, he presented a firearm and pointed it at the investigators. Gunfire was exchanged between the male suspect and investigators. The male got into the driver seat of the vehicle during the gunfire and fled the scene in the vehicle. He was apprehended without incident a short distance away later that day by other Springfield Police Officers. The male sustained minor non-life-threatening injuries as a result of the officer involved shooting. The involved investigators did not sustain any injuries.   White/Male Justified
21-37588 10/17/21 2 W/M An officer was inside a business and observed a male he knew to have outstanding warrants walk by. The officer attempted to contact the male suspect and arrest him. The man refused to comply with the officer’s commands to stop and continued walking away. As the officer continued to give verbal commands for him to stop, the suspect turned and fired a handgun, striking the officer. The officer returned fire from his duty weapon as the suspect fled on foot. The officer lost sight of him. A few minutes later, 911 received a phone call from a female at nearby residence. The caller advised an armed male suspect had entered her house. It was determined this was the same male suspect. The caller’s husband and child were also in the residence with the armed suspect. Officers established a perimeter around the residence as the armed suspect held the family hostage. The woman and child were allowed to exit the residence, but suspect continued to hold the male victim hostage. Officers attempted to communicate with the suspect until negotiations failed. Officers then forced entry on the residence and found the victim and suspect engaged in a struggle over control of a handgun. An officer stepped forward and shot the suspect and other officers rescued the hostage. The suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. Neither the hostage nor the offices involved suffered any injuries. The initial officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries.   White/Male Justified
21-40711 11/11/21 1 W/M & 1 W/F Officers responded to a 911 call about an armed intoxicated male creating a disturbance at a business. When officers arrived, the man had fled but was thought to be hiding in the bushes nearby. Officer established a perimeter to make contact with the male suspect. A Greene County Park Ranger, who was assisting the Springfield Police, observed the male suspect and began to approach him in a marked patrol SUV. The male suspect fired numerous shots at the Park Ranger while he was in his vehicle, and continued to shoot at him as the Park Ranger exited his vehicle.. The Park Ranger was struck by multiple rounds and fell to the ground, suffering life threatening injuries. The suspect then attempted to get on top of the Park Ranger and take his duty weapon. Two Springfield Police Officers on the perimeter immediately responded on foot after hearing the gunshots. They observed the male suspect on top of the Park Ranger and fired their duty weapons at the suspect to stop the assault of the Park Ranger. The suspect was struck by the officer’s shots and was later pronounced deceased. They and other officers rendered aid to the Park Ranger who was transported for medical care, and survived his injuries. White/Male Justified
21-45326 12/20/21 2 W/M An officer on routine patrol observed a wanted male suspect walk out of a gas station and get inside the passenger seat of a vehicle parked on the parking lot. The officer pulled in behind the vehicle with his emergency lights activated. A female exited the vehicle and began walking away as the officer approached. As the officer contacted the female, the wanted male suspect got into the driver seat of the vehicle and started it. The officer approached the vehicle quickly to prevent the male’s escape and apprehend the wanted male. The wanted male produced a handgun and pointed it at the approaching officer. The approaching officer fired his service weapon at the wanted male. A second officer also fired his service weapon at the wanted male. The wanted male fled the scene in the vehicle. The wanted male was arrested at another location later that day by Springfield Police without incident. The male suspect sustained minor non-life-threatening injuries. The involved officers were not injured.  White/Male Justified
21-45742 12/23/21 3 W/M Officers were dispatched to an armed male attempting to break into an apartment. Three officers surround the male, who was armed with a rifle. Officers gave verbal commands to the armed male to drop the weapon. The armed male did not comply. One officer fired numerous less-lethal rounds, which struck the armed male. The armed male did not drop the rifle and pointed it at one of the officers. Two officers fired their service weapons at the armed male. The male was struck by the rounds fired, fell to the ground, and was taken into custody. The male suspect was pronounced deceased a short time later. The involved officers did not sustain any injuries.  White/Male Justified
22-3049 1/28/22 2 W/M Officers were dispatched to an apartment for a domestic disturbance. Officers made phone contact with the female victim and believed she was not free to speak and was in danger by her comments to law enforcement, as well another individual in the apartment. When both involved officers arrived at the apartment, they were able to see through a window in the apartment. They observed a male suspect holding a long gun and that he had the weapon pointed at the female victim and two juveniles. Officers forced entry on the door of the apartment. One officer fired his duty weapon at the armed male, who was struck by the rounds. The male suspect dropped the weapon, the female victim and children were rescued, and lifesaving efforts were performed on the male suspect. The male suspect was later pronounced deceased. The involved officers, the female victim, and juveniles did not sustain any injuries.  White/Male Justified
22-28367 9/3/22 1 W/M Officers were dispatched to a business parking lot for a male armed with a long gun and acting intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance. An officer arrived in the area and attempted to contact the male, who was standing next to a vehicle and shouting. As the officer approached in a marked patrol vehicle, the male suspect attempted to leave in a vehicle by driving over a curb, but the vehicle could not move. As the officer exited his marked patrol vehicle to make contact, the male suspect exited his vehicle, shouted at the officer, and pointed a long gun at the officer. The officer fired his duty weapon at the male suspect, striking him with the rounds. The male was pronounced deceased a short time later. The involved officer did not sustain any injuries.  White/Male Justified
22-34041  10/19/22 1 W/M A Springfield Police Investigator that was part of an Federal Multi-Jurisdictional task force was attempting to arrest a wanted male fugitive at a residence with other law enforcement officers. Members of the task force observed the wanted male fugitive standing outside the residence. As law enforcement officers approached the male fugitive to make the arrest, he attempted to run back to the residence. Shortly before entering the residence, the male fugitive pulled a handgun from his person and pointed at the Springfield Police Investigator. The Springfield Police Investigator fired his duty weapon at the male fugitive, striking him. The male fugitive was taken into custody and received immediate medical attention. The male fugitive sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The involved investigator did not sustain any injuries.  White/Male Justified
23-3287 2/1/23 4 W/M Several officers were dispatched to a park to check the well-being of a potential suicidal male. Responding officers were able to identify the suicidal male and found him in the park. As officers talked to the male and attempted to get him medical assistance, the suicidal male became evasive. The male subject then produced a handgun concealed on his person in an aggressive manner toward officers. Officers fired their duty weapons at the male subject, striking him. Extensive lifesaving efforts were performed on the male subject, but he was pronounced deceased a short time later. The involved officers did not sustain any injuries.  White/Male Justified