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EASY SLIDE ORNAMENT: A few cuts and a slide and voila! 

DIY projects rarely get easier than this. Make fun and nice looking ornaments with ease and in no-time!

Estimated Time of Project:  5 minutes
Skill Level:  Easy (It's in the title)

Materials Needed:  Scissors, round item (for tracing), hole punch, Old Holiday Cards, ribbon or string


STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: Feel free to reference the images below

Preparation:  Gather your materials.

Step 1:  Trace your circles on the back of the card(s) selected. *Only 2 needed, don't go too small.
Step 2:  Once all circles traced, you can begin cutting out the circles.
Step 3:  Cut in slit from one edge to the center of the circle.
Step 4:  Slide your two circles together so that the sides you want shown are facing outwards.
Step 5:  Hole punch the top center of which circle you prefer and string ribbon or string through and tie.
Step 6:  Hang on the tree and marvel at its ultra simplicity and beauty!

Cards are a perfect weight of paper stock. Much lighter and it may not hold form easily or at all.