The Springfield-Greene County Health Department is committed to helping people live longer, healthier and happier lives. One way we do this is by reducing food insecurity and improving access to healthy foods. 

Addressing food insecurity.

Food insecurity is a major issue, both nationally and locally. Fourteen percent of U.S. households, and 16.9% of households in Greene County are food insecure. Access to healthy food is also a concern. There are varying negative health effects that are being heavily influenced by poor diets, in particular cardiovascular disease and obesity.

In 2018, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department provided an updated look at food access in Springfield. The report assessed supermarket locations as well "safety net food providers," which provide additional food access opportunities at no charge to low-income residents, to identify areas of our community that are food insecure. The assessment determined that while improvements have been made, more should be done to reduce food insecurity in our community. View the Food Insecurity Assessment.

Food access for all.

Following the completion of the Food Insecurity Assessment, the Springfield-Greene County Health Department created an interactive food access database, allowing social service providers, case workers and those looking for food the ability to learn about food access opportunities in the community. Users may view opportunities in the entire city, or enter an address for a more focused search of grocery stores and safety net food providers in the community. Users may then click on the icons to learn more information about how to access the services. Please note: the database is updated quarterly and may not reflect the most up to date information. If you are a food service provider wishing to provide updated information, contact us. View the Interactive Food Access Database.

            2018 Food Insecurity Assessment


         Interactive Food Access Database

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