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With what is sure to be a mountain of boxes piling up from all of the holiday online purchases, this project aims to turn those boxes into something fun and decorative. This craft takes a little longer than most, but it yields a fun and amazing result for your wall or as a gift. With minimal materials needed, anyone with a cardboard box, utility knife and a pencil can take a shot at this one. No glue required!

Estimated Time of Project:  120-180 minutes
Skill Level:
  Advanced (The precision of cuts and use of a knife makes this one require more skill)

Materials Needed:
  Scissors, ruler, utility knife, pencil, cardboard boxes


STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS: Feel free to reference the images below

Preparation:  Gather your materials.
Step 1:  Break down any cardboard boxes you have and cut out on all folds for flat side pieces.
Step 2:  Templates are fun, but we know you can do it freehand! Use a pencil to rough in your pieces.

A few rules of thumb:  Your sizing may and can vary based on materials. Plus a little variety makes your piece unique!

Sizing suggestions:  Our pictured example has a base mount that is 12" x 12". The head (not include the antlers, is 17" deep, by approximately 8" wide and 11" tall. The antler section is 24" x 17".
Measuring & slit locations:  For each of the neck pieces - going from the mount to the nose - these will get smaller in size and width, as well as the slit locations moving incrementally closer per section from the base to the nose. 

Here's what we did: The base mount inserts being 6" apart. 5" in between the slits for the first neck piece. 3.5" between for the antler section, 2.5" between the slits on the bridge of the snout. 2" apart for the end of the nose. Remember, the slits should be only as wide as the cardboard is thick. 

Step 3:  Once all of your pieces are sketched out - start cutting away. Scissors are fine, but we recommend a good utility knife. This is going to take some time and a good blade will make it go a little faster and easier.

The Base Mount:  This is the piece that the side profile pieces will connect and will be what sits against the wall. In the center and about 6" apart (change to fit your materials) cut out thin rectangular slits that each side profile piece will latch into.

Side Profiles:  We recommend cutting one of these and tracing it before cutting the other, as you will need two. The ends that connect with the base will need miniature latches cut into them on the top and bottom. Make sure that the base of this is longer than the slits on the base mount -  so that the latches will help hold it in place without fear of it falling out. *See Side Profile Image for example.

Neck Pieces:  These will get progressively smaller as you move from the base to the nose. Ours were ovular and measured from 8" x 9", 4.5" x 4.5" and 3.25" x 3". Make sure the slits cut into these match the amount of space beneath each slit cut on the side profiles.

Antler Section: This section is the most intricate and will take the longest to cut. Not counting the antlers or ears, the body measured 6.5" x 7". Each antler measuring about 11-12" from the sides. The same rule applies in cutting the slits for this piece as the neck pieces.

Step 4:  Construction! Start piecing your reindeer together. If you notice areas where you may need to extend the cut on a slit or adjust the shape of a neck piece, feel free to deconstruct and do this as necessary.

Other Considerations: As noted, the sizing and exact shape of your reindeer can be different and unique to you. This is why we didn't provide a template - to encourage creativity, fun and uniqueness is all creations! Just remember to have fun!