Click It or Tick It

From May 24th to June 6th the Springfield Police Department, along with other area agencies, will be participating in the “Click it or Ticket” campaign (this event occurred in May 2004). This is a national enforcement effort to increase safety belt and child restraint use. The chance that you will be involved in a motor vehicle accident is 100%. The use of safety belts and child restraints is one of the best ways to prevent death and injury when involved in a crash. Over 70% of the people who die in traffic accidents are not wearing a safety belt. Just wearing a safety belt will reduce your risk of moderate-to-critical injury by 50%, and you will avoid a ticket and fine.

Every traffic officer I know always wears his/her safety belt, both at work and in their personal cars, because they know what could happen if they don’t. Take advantage of their experience and please buckle up.

The above statistics were taken from data collected by MoDot’s Office of Highway Safety.