Sales Tax Benchmarks

Cities must compete with other cities to provide efficient and desirable services in order to maintain a high quality of life and to encourage business development. Springfield compares, or "benchmarks" itself to other cities in our size and region. The benchmarks below are used to compare our taxing levels to these other cities.

Total Sales Tax Rates: Benchmark Cities

City Sales Tax (City, County and State taxes)
Knoxville, TN 9.25%
Chattanooga, TN 9.25%
Wichita Falls, TX 8.25%
Waco, TX 8.25%
Amarillo, TX 8.25%
Abilene, TX 8.25%
Huntsville, AL 8.00%
Springfield, MO 8.10%
Savannah, GA 7.00%
Fort Wayne, IN * 7.00%
Evansville, IN * 7.00%
Columbus, GA 7.00%
Columbia, SC * 7.00%
Salt Lake City, UT 6.85%
Kalamazoo, MI * 6.00%
Grand Rapids, MI * 6.00%
* No City Sales Tax