Headlight Usage in Inclement Weather

A new state traffic law was recently passed with the intent of making the roadways safer during inclement weather. Missouri statute number 307.020 (9) now has additional language that reads:

Lighted lamps shall also be required any time the weather conditions require usage of the motor vehicle’s windshield wipers to operate the vehicle in a careful and prudent manner as defined in section 304.012, RSMO. The provisions of this section shall be interpreted to require lighted lamps during periods of fog even if usage of the windshield wipers is not necessary to operate the vehicle in a careful and prudent manner.

What this new law is saying is that whenever you are driving and it’s foggy or raining hard enough to have to use your windshield wipers you are now required to have your headlights on. What has always been common sense is now a part of law. The penalty for this violation is set at $10 and no court costs are to be assessed, the same fine as a seatbelt violation.