Leaving the Scene of an Accident

Leaving the scene of an accident is a serious traffic offense that occurs on average about 5 times a day here in Springfield. A driver commits this crime when he knows he has been involved in a traffic accident then fails to stop and provide the other driver, or the police, with his identification and contact information (such as a phone number and address). If there is more than very minor damage, or if anyone is injured, then the police must be notified of the accident.

Fleeing The Scene
Drivers who leave the scene sometimes are unaware that they have been involved in an accident but typically the driver leaves because they have issues with their driver’s license or vehicle insurance. Drivers are frequently found on our streets without valid driver’s licenses and no insurance on their cars. These violations are ticketed with a zero tolerance policy.

Traffic Investigators
The Springfield Police Department has 2 officers who are assigned the full-time job of investigating these accidents. In order for a leaving the scene accident to be assigned for follow-up investigation we need several things. Most important is the license plate information from the suspect vehicle. This is very important. Next is the physical description of the suspect driver, and hopefully someone who can identify the driver when we find him. We also would like to have a description of the car (make, model, color, etc.) and where and what kind of damage we can expect to find on the car. Any other information on the suspect vehicle, driver, and other occupants would be very helpful in solving the crime. Having this information will result in a solid case against the suspect and help in obtaining a conviction in court.