Fire Codes, Permits & Inspections

Fire Codes

In an effort to better protect its citizens, the City of Springfield has adopted the 2018 International Fire Code. You may view the entire code, or a summary of items of interest below.  To report a non-emergency fire code violation, please contact us.  For emergencies, dial 911.
Fire code requirements for assembly occupancies
Occupancy load
Smoke alarms in rental properties
Landlord/owner responsibilities
LP Gas and Charcoal Grills
Fire lanes
Private Fire Hydrants
Recreational Fires


Fire Permits

The Community Risk Reduction Division of the Springfield Fire Department coordinates the permitting process for various required permits issued within the City of Springfield. The following detail these permits, their requirements and fee schedule. To obtain the listed permits information click on the links below or call the Springfield Fire Department at 417-874-2300.

Please note: No refunds will be issued for any permits.
Blasting Permit
Bonfire Permit
Fireworks Permit
Off Gas Permit
Tent Permit

Occupancy Inspections

Fire marshals and fire companies conduct fire and life safety inspections at commercial occupancies. These inspections are designed to allow fire department personnel to identify and correct deviations from the Fire Code. Review the Explanation Sheet, used during these type of inspections, which discusses some of the more frequent violations. 

The Compliance Engine

The Compliance Engine is a third-party system that manages fire protection system test records for the Springfield Fire Department.