Walking Named Most Dangerous Way of Travel

The February 2005 issue of "Traffic Safety" magazine states that walking remains the most dangerous mode of transportation according to the Washington-based Surface Transportation Policy Project’s "Mean Streets 2004" study. The study worked with several organizations concerning specific actions governments could take to keep walkers safe including upgrading sidewalks, signals, and streets along with slowing down traffic through traffic-calming and enforcement. In 2003, 4,827 Americans — about 11.3 percent of all traffic fatalities — died while crossing the street, walking to school or work, going to a bus stop or undertaking other daily activities. The report said that from 1994-2003, 51,989 pedestrians have died on U.S. streets.

Here in Springfield we have had 5 pedestrians killed in the past 14 months on city streets (tip is originally from March 2005). Intoxicated individuals crossing the street and being struck by passing cars have caused the majority of our pedestrian fatalities. When walking near or across roadways please be careful, cross only at crosswalks or intersections, and watch out for vehicles. When driving always be alert for pedestrians to cross the road, sometimes when unexpected.