Driving in Construction Work Zones

Dangers of Construction Zones
Crashes occurring in construction work zones continue to be a source of many critical injuries and deaths. In April, 868 orange construction cones draped with black ribbons were on display near the Washington Monument (tip was originally from August 2001). Each cone symbolized the number of workers, motorists, and truck drivers killed in 1999 construction work zone crashes.

Construction Speed Limits
Speed limits are lowered in construction work zones to increase safety. Driving slower allows drivers more time to react to hazards in these zones. In 2000, a Springfield driver was driving at a high rate of speed through a construction work zone when he lost control of his car and ran over two construction zone workers. Both workers received critical injuries. The driver of the car was recently sentenced to 2 7-year terms in prison. Drivers have a responsibility to maintain control of their vehicles. A driver that is driving the recommended speed limit through the construction work zone will have extra time for reaction when compared to a driver going faster than the posted limit.

This time of year there are hundreds of construction work zones. These are scattered across the area as crews repair old roads and construct new ones. For your safety and theirs, please slow down and "give 'em a brake."