Tent Permit


Within Springfield's city limits, all tent permits will be issued by the Fire Department. All tents or other membrane structures erected within the City of Springfield shall adhere to all provisions of Chapter 31 of the 2018 Edition of the International Fire Code as adopted by the city. Additional provisions of Chapter 31 will be required as determined by the fire code official.  Please allow 5 business days for review and approval of all tent permits.  

Click here for additional tent guidelines or view Ordinance 6509

Please note–tent permits are not valid until:

  • The fully erected tent passes an onsite inspection. The vendor/installer is responsible for calling 874-2300 at least 48 hours in advance of the beginning of the event to schedule an inspection.
  • The certificate of flame retardant rating for the tent is obtained and presented at the time of the onsite inspection.
  • Tents must be adequately roped, braced, and anchored to withstand weather conditions at the time of the event. Calculations for the required tent ballasting / weight calculations must be provided prior to the tent inspection and available on site.
  • A certified Master Installer must sign the assurance statement on the permit.
  • This permit shall remain in effect from the issue to expiration date and shall be revoked if the Guidelines for Tents, Chapter 54 of the Springfield City Code, and the currently adopted International Fire Code, are not followed.
  • The permit is good for one event only.
  • Absolutely no refunds on permit
  • A copy of this permit must be kept onsite and presented during the inspection.

Tent Permit Fees Effective July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023

Tent Permit: $88

Each Additional Tent: $18

Late/Expedited Fee: $106

Reinspection Fee: $78


Permit Application

Please note: only pre-approved tent vendors, certified master tent installers, or authorized special event organizers/coordinators may apply for a tent permit.

Download a tent permit application.


Apply online (after application is submitted, payment must be made by calling (417) 874-2300. Please note: an onsite assurance statement must be signed before a permit is considered valid.