Use of Center Maneuvering Lane

Drivers are continually using the middle turn lane in a way it wasn’t intended to be used.

Accidents From Improper Use
Every week drivers in Springfield have accidents and problems associated with improper use of the center maneuvering lane (the middle turn lane on 2-way streets). This lane of traffic was designed to assist drivers in making left turns from a roadway, allowing following drivers to proceed while the turning vehicle waits for opposing traffic to clear. It was not designed as a driving lane, a passing lane, an acceleration lane, or an extension of the left turn lane.

Proper Use of The Turn Lane
The proper use is to pull into this lane a short distance from the spot where you are making your left turn, stop while waiting for traffic to clear, then turn. If while driving in this lane you drive past a possible turn location, pass another vehicle, or speed up, you have probably used this lane incorrectly.

If more drivers would understand the consequences of using this lane improperly and show more respect to the other driver and have a little more patience, these accidents could be avoided.

Please drive safely and obey all traffic laws.