Environmental Quality

Springfield, like many cities has an Environmental Quality Group (EQ) to ensure all city government actions are performed in an environmentally responsible manner.

EQ promotes city policies that encourage both the public and private sectors to preserve and enhance environmental quality and resources for future generations; their quality of life and economy relies on the groups' environmental stewardship. The group works to ensure and manage stewardship among all public and private sectors and environmental obligations.

Environmental Quality Group Responsibilities

Performs Environmental Monitoring, Sampling, and Reporting (including Soil, Groundwater, Surface Water and Air) as necessary in order to maintain permit compliance at City Solid Waste facilities (Active Sanitary Landfill, Yardwaste Recycling Center, Household Chemical Collection Center and 2 closed landfills).

  • Assists in property remediation and redevelopment
    • In partnership with other city departments, EQ works with stakeholders and developers to facilitate and support cleanup, and redevelopment of property.
    • As part of their assistance, EQ collaborates with developers, investors, stakeholders and members of the affected community for successful redevelopment of vacant land and Environmentally-challenged properties.
  • Oversees Air Quality Control Program
    • EQ, through the Air Quality Program, conducts asbestos compliance inspections and issues open-burning permits.
    • Inspections are conducted to determine compliance with applicable regulations, equipment operations and best management practices.

Tank Removal

  • Provides technical assistance and engineering for the Brownfields Redevelopment Program
    • As an integral part of the city’s Brownfields Redevelopment Program, EQ performs environmental site investigations and cleanup projects to assess potential environmental liabilities associated with the purchase or sale of properties, and to remediate environmental problems to allow for site redevelopment.
    • The redevelopment of impaired properties fosters sustainable environmental cleanup, removal of blight, reinvestment in established communities, and neighborhood revitalization with a focus on providing community benefits, healthy environments and job creation.
  • Provides environmental education to the public and other city departments and divisions
    • EQ assists other city departments with managing their facilities to be compliant with environmental laws and regulations. EQ works to help improve management practices and reduce environmental impacts of operations.
    • In addition to providing environmental assistance to city departments, EQ also provides technical assistance, guidance, and education to the Public Sector.
    • EQ responds to questions concerning environmental rules and regulations and provides guidance regarding best environmental management practices concerning land, air, and water issues.
    • Assists organizations in meeting environmental targets and objectives.
  • Assists with management of city-wide hazardous waste disposal
    • EQ responds to a wide variety of complaints concerning improper disposal of solid or hazardous waste.
    • Through the course of inspections the EQ observes waste handling, including storage and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.