Business Recycling

As employers, bulk purchasers, and providers of goods and services to the public, businesses are in a unique position to set a good example about recycling and waste reduction. Not only is this an environmentally responsible business practice, it can also have many benefits to the business. These include:
  • Lower disposal costs - trash pick-up fees are volume-based
  • Lower purchasing costs - taking a look at purchasing and use of supplies can reveal opportunities for reuse, eliminating wasteful use, and buying in bulk
  • Revenue from recovered materials - research current markets for recyclables and waste materials
  • Improved image - environmental consciousness is on the rise
    • Many consumers may choose products or services based on the company's environmental record.
  • Improved employee morale - participation in recycling and waste reduction efforts inspires employee pride
Helpful Resources
  • Ozarks Green Score - Businesses in the Ozarks can utilize the Green Score worksheet to quantitatively assess their performance on key criteria such as waste management, energy management, policy management, etc.
  • Less is More - A Guide to Reducing Waste and Improving Profits
  • Waste Prevention Pays Off - Companies Cut Waste in the Workplace