Household Chemical Collection Center

The Household Chemical Collection Center has expanded its hours to make it easier for Springfield-Greene County residents to use this recycling service (by appointment only). The center now accepts materials from residents of Christian, Dallas, Polk, and Webster counties.

Center Availability

The Household Chemical Collection Center (HCCC) is open year-round and provides a safe means of disposal for unneeded household chemicals, thereby keeping these materials out of the waste stream while helping to protect the regional water supply. There is no charge to use the HCCC.
The goal at the HCCC is to recycle, reuse, or properly dispose of the materials received while ensuring the safety of the public, our environment, and the technicians. Currently, nearly 90% of the materials are reused or recycled.

Please see the Household Chemical Collection Center Brochure (PDF) for detailed information on using the HCCC.
Hours and Location
 Household Chemical Collection Center

1226 W Nichols

1226 W Nichols
Recycling Centers closed for the following holidays:
New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, 
        Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and
          Christmas Day.
Recycling Paint
Because latex (water-based) paint can be disposed of safely in the trash if the following procedures are in place, we encourage residents to use the following alternative.

Soak up paint by mixing it with an absorbent material (e.g. cat litter) or a commercially prepared absorbent (e.g. waste paint hardener) available at hardware / home improvement stores. Place the empty and completely dry paint can in your trash to be picked up by your waste hauler. Lids must be removed for the hauler's inspection.

Did You Know

Automotive batteries, button batteries, antifreeze and motor oil can be recycled through various local businesses. Check out the Guide to Recycling in Springfield  for more information.