The City of Springfield provides community education and awareness about the benefits of implementing sustainable practices including:

If you are interested in a presentation for your club or organization, or want to schedule a tour for a group please call our Education Outreach Coordinator, Laurie Davis, at 417-864-2007 (office) or 417-300-3981 (cell).

Attention Classroom and Homeschool Educators:

  • Community Resource Guide - compiled by the Interpreters Coalition of Springfield-Greene County to assist in utilizing the varied resources of our community toward field education and hands-on learning experiences
  • Visit our Sustainable Crafts page for some activity, project and craft ideas for learners of all ages

Field Trip Options

Schedule a visit to one of our City's facilities. All field trips include a guided presentation. 
  • Springfield Sanitary Landfill
  • Northwest Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Household Chemical Collection Center
  • Yardwaste Recycling Center
  • Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Franklin Recycling Center

In Person Presentations

Presentations for all age levels available, pre-k to adult. Presentations are typically between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Program descriptions followed by a “v” indicate presentation can be available as a virtual option.

  • Landfill Design Features: Learn how the landfill is constructed for the purpose of protecting air, water and land resources. (v)
  • Recycling-From Trash to Treasure: Learn about materials being used to make new items and products if they are put into a recycling bin! (v)
  • Recycle Right: Learn how to determine what to recycle, what not to recycle, and how to avoid contamination. (v)
  • Wastewater Treatment Process: Find out the steps implemented to clean our wastewater so that it can be returned to a natural stream environment. (v)
  • Vermicomposting: Discover how to set up a worm bin as an alternative to regular composting.
  • Care About the Air: Learn why clean air matters and how to keep our air clean.
  • Toys from Trash: Discover how the recycling bin is a treasure chest of materials for creating toys! This is a make and take session.
  • Dish to Dirt Composting: Find out how to set up and maintain a home or school site composting bin. (v)
  • Sustainability: Learn about the components of sustainability and practice decision making utilizing the 3 pillars. (v)
  • This Too is a Landfill!  Emphasizes the landfill as more than just a place for storing our trash—it’s also a place where a variety of plants and animals are found.
  • Plastics 101-Plastics are everywhere in our daily lives—find out the past, present and future possibilities for this material. (v)
  • Trash Tells a Story-An investigation into the information that can be discovered   about a person from a bag of trash.
  • Only Rain Down the Storm Drain!  Protecting and improving water quality begins in our own homes, yards and neighborhoods.   Learn about protecting our water resources through some easy to implement strategies.
  • Food Waste is the World’s Dumbest Problem….Food waste is preventable with just a few changes to our routines and perspectives.  Discover some easy to implement ideas and resources.  (v)

Early Learners Opportunities

Programs designed specifically for 4-5 year olds. Programs are 30-40 minutes and are developed around an early learner literature resource.

  • The Mess We Made: How litter impacts the environment.
  • Air: Ways to care about the air.
  • Wonderful Worms: Includes worm observations and how worms help improve soil.
  • Be An Eco-Hero: Learn to Recycle-Recycling can help keep useable items out of the landfill.  Students learn how to be an Eco Hero by recycling.

For more information or to schedule a field trip or program contact:

Laurie Davis
Education Outreach Coordinator
417-864-2007 (office)

417-300-3981 (cell)
[email protected]