Galloway Street Widening Project

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The Galloway Street Widening project includes the widening of Galloway Street to three lanes between Luster Avenue and Lone Pine Avenue, improving both traffic safety and pedestrian safety along Galloway Street. 

The project will include:

• New center turn lane

• Traffic calming roundabout intersections at Luster Avenue and at Lone Pine Avenue

• Sidewalks on the south side of Galloway Street

• Multi-use path on the north side of Galloway Street

• Improved connection to Sequiota Park, the Galloway Greenway Trail and Galloway-area businesses. 

• Upgraded stormwater infrastructure & improved drainage along Luster Avenue. 

• Improved railroad crossing


The Galloway Street Widening Project ranked as the #2 priority project in City-wide transportation surveys conducted in both 2015 and in 2018. 

The design and partial right-of-way phases of the project were completed in the 2016 1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax renewal cycle. In 2019, Springfield voters again showed support by approving funding for the construction of the widening in the most recent renewal cycle of the 1/4-cent sales tax. 

Traffic-calming Roundabouts

Two new roundabout intersections at Luster Avenue and at Lone Pine Avenue will serve as a traffic-calming gateway into the heart of the Galloway area. Roundabouts encourage motorists to slow down and discourage cut-through traffic, while still allowing for more efficient traffic flow. They are also much more pedestrian and bicycle friendly, as all users of the roadway are only required to focus on traffic coming from one direction at a time. 

Other benefits of roundabouts:

  • Roundabouts typically reduce total crashes by 50% and injury crashes by 70%.
  • Roundabouts give equal service to both streets and reduces waiting times for the minor street. 
  • A conventional intersection has 32 potential collision points, a roundabout only has 8.

Stormwater Upgrades & DrainageLuster Drainage_web

Upgrades to stormwater infrastructure will take place along Galloway Avenue including underground pipes.

Drainage improvements will also be conducted along Luster Avenue, south of Galloway.

ajs-og-galloway-med-23Pedestrian & bicycle safety improvements:

Galloway Street, widely used by pedestrians and bicyclists, will include a new sidewalk along the south side.

A new multi-use path on the north side of Galloway will tie into the existing greenway trail system. In conjunction with pedestrian/bicycle safety features of the new roundabout intersection, these improvements will safely carry trail traffic through the area.  

Traffic Impacts During Construction

Galloway Street will be closed in various sections to allow for grade changes along the new roadway. A detour route will be clearly marked and local access to businesses and residences will be maintained.