X-Walk Compliance Studies

Public Works conducts crosswalk compliance studies to help raise awareness on pedestrian safety and to identify areas of concerns and improvements. Each quarter, six clearly marked crosswalks are chosen in all four City Council zones. At those locations, Public Works staff pose as pedestrians and record how many drivers will yield. The results of the studies are averaged out and posted on a two educational boards, located at the intersection of Campbell & Walnut Lawn and Glenstone and Division.

Board 1st Qt 2019

Traffic Operations staff stages crosswalk compliance assessments at either mid-block or two-way stop intersections with a clearly marked crosswalk. A staff member poses as a crossing pedestrian, timing their approach to the crosswalk so he or she stops at the edge of the street when an approaching motorist is a safe stopping distance away (about 200 feet). The pedestrian subject places one foot in the roadway or bike lane and makes eye contact with the on-coming motorist, clearly demonstrating their intent to cross as is stipulated by City ordinance. Staff then keep a count of how many drivers yield or do not yield to the test pedestrian. Each site is assessed for roughly an hour, tallying the behavior of between 100 and 150 drivers. 

For the first quarter of 2019, these six crosswalks have been observed with the following results: 

Results 1st Qt 2019