CAmP Day

CAmP Day at the Airport

May's fieldtrip was to the Airport.  The day began with a special presentation by Brian Weiler discussing the overall vision of the airport and fascinating facts about how it is run.  Afterwards we split into two groups to tour different parts of the Airport.

In a terminal tour we learned about the intentional design of the airport to reflect life in the Ozarks.  We learned about how our baggage is handled and the importance of TSA employees in keeping us safe.  We also were able to tour the trucks the Airport uses to keep the runway safe for the airplanes.  

In the area tour we first visited the tower and learned about how these operators keep the airspace organized and safe for each airplane.  We went to Premier Flight Center and learned about OTC's Aviation program and how they are training the next generation of pilots.  A few campers even got the opportunity to try out their flight simulator!  We toured customs and the fire house and learned the important role each of them play at the airport.  

A big thanks to Al Berry, Sarah Flippo, Brian Weiler, Chuck Cowan, Eric Sanders, Chris Jackson, Robert Record, Mark Scully, Ky Neuleib, Pam Boyce and Dan Ream for making this wonderful day possible!

CAmP Day at Parks

April's Fieldtrip was to various Parks around Springfield led by Anne-Mary McGrath.  We started our day at the Valley Water Mill Equestrian Center where we learned about their equestrian program and got to hear from some of the riders that use their facility.

Next we went to Dickerson Park Zoo where we took turns touring the Reptile, Giraffe & Commissary areas.  The campers were able to go behind the scenes and see some of the great things our Zoo employees do to keep the animals safe and engaged.  

We then toured the Cooper Tennis Facility and played some rounds of Tennis. During lunch we learned more about the Springfield Lasers, Ozark Greenways, how our Park Rangers help our parks, and about ongoing outdoor initiatives.  

My favorite part of the day was going to Dan Kinney Park and learning about the Miracle League and the amazing opportunities given to children with disabilities to be part of a team and play baseball.

Next we toured the Davis House and participated in an archery activity.  I enjoyed seeing all the different Olympic Uniforms the Davis house had on display.  

We ended the day at the Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park where we toured a few of the gardens and learned about park programming.  

So many people to thank for the fun packed day: Anne-Mary McGrath, Bob Belote, Matt Coats, Emma McKinnon, Joey Powell, Amanda Nguyen, Kyle Wartick, Dave LaFevers, Paul Nahon, Ranger Dave Moore, Mary Kromrey, Justin Smith, Cyrus Taylor, Jeff Cumley, Amy Francka and Katie Keith.  We appreciate the time you took to teach us about the wonderful things our Parks Department does for the City of Springfield!