Training in Your Building

Unfamiliar Buildings Wanted
Hands-on training is some of the best training that any firefighter can experience. Unfamiliar buildings to train in are extremely hard to find, but they provide the invaluable realism of unknown layouts, exit points, and other openings. The Training Division wants to take advantage of available buildings, occupied and vacant, within the city and immediate area.

If you own a structure that is abandoned, empty, or ready for demolition you may donate its use for firefighter training. Call 417-864-1520 and we’ll meet you at your location to discuss training options.

Important Terms of Use
  • Training cannot include burning vacant buildings.
  • The training does not have to be destructive. Many exercises can be performed without damaging a building.
  • Documentation will be required confirming that there is no insurance on the structure and that the structure is free of asbestos.
  • Exercises may be video recorded both for training and news stories. These require a release, and all credit for access to buildings will be recognized.