The Environmental Services Stormwater Division promotes water quality through various avenues - including post-construction. There are numerous codes and best practices to consider when maintaining operations and caring for different forms of stormwater control measures. These are designed to help protect our water quality, safeguard public health and support a healthy community

Stormwater Control Measures  SCM for Short

These are physical structures, such as detention basins, that are designed and engineered to manage the flow and quality of stormwater runoff. They help to remove pollutants from stormwater and reduce flooding opportunities.


As development occurs and more impervious surfaces (i.e. parking lots, roads and buildings) are added there is less area for stormwater to infiltrate into the ground. Developed areas also come with more potential water pollution sources such as fertilizer, motor oil, pet waste, trash, etc. Stormwater control measures are permanent structures designed to capture, hold and potentially treat stormwater runoff to help mitigate these effects of development. It is important to maintain SCMs to ensure they are functioning properly and providing the treatment they were designed for to prevent flooding and keep our waterways clean.


Operation & Maintenance Guides  get started

See our Stormwater O&M Guides for more information on how to properly maintain the SCMs on your property:

- Detention Basin Guide & Inspection Checklist

- more coming soon


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Any new construction projects or modifications of stormwater infrastructure (including retrofits) should go through the City’s pre-development review process. This does not include the addition of native and tree plantings.
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