Proposed Rates  Sewer Rate Increases

Environmental Services realizes the impact sewer rate increases have on Springfield citizens and businesses and we take this issue very seriously as we strive to keep rates as low as possible. We also realize the need to efficiently operate and maintain this critical piece of community infrastructure and meet the City’s regulatory obligations under the Clean Water Act.

Based on the community’s Integrated Planning efforts, Environmental Services continues to focus our citizen’s resources on activities that maximize the benefit to our ratepayers while meeting our regulatory obligations.  While communities across the country are facing skyrocketing sewer bills as a result of attempting to meet mandates, Springfield’s Overflow Control Plan represents a reasonable approach to investing in our sewer system in a way that protects the interests of our citizens while meeting the terms of our Second Amended Consent Judgment.

Sewer Rates  Present & Future Charges

The last scheduled rate increase approved by Springfield City Council went into effect July 1, 2022. Per the OCP, the City is required to enact another series of sewer rate increases over the next three years to fund projects required by the Second Amended Consent Judgement.

Initial projections during OCP development in 2021 anticipated a series of annual rate increases reflective of general inflation. Since then, pricing models have been adjusted to account for significant price increases realized in recent months.  Even with increasing rates of inflation, proposed rate increases for most customers are still very close to what was projected.  

At this time, we are proposing a system-wide increase of 3% for each of the next three years, with the exception of Wholesale Volume Charges. These increases would begin to take effect July 1, 2023 and will increase the average residential bill (based on an average usage of 6 CCF) each year by $1.19 to $1.26 a month.

Effective Date
Monthly Customer Charge
Volume Charge Per CCF (748 gals.)
July 1, 2022$23.34$2.71
July 1, 2023$24.04$2.79
July 1, 2024$24.76$2.88
July 1, 2025$25.50$2.96

All future dates (indicated in gray) are proposed rate increases. 


Many industrial customers pay additional fees related to the specific types of waste they send down the drain. These additional fees come in the form of a biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and/or total suspended solids (TSS) surcharges. At this time, the City proposes an increase of 3% per year for these surcharges, to align with the monthly customer charge and volume charge per CCF. 

Springfield Environmental Services provides wastewater treatment to a small number of nearby or "satellite" communities. For these communities, a new Wholesale Volume Charge was created based on a 2018 analysis of rates. Although the methodology to calculate these wholesale customer rates has not changed, the City's costs related to wholesale service has increased and the City has raised retail rates 5-6% each year since that time. Therefore, a larger adjustment in the wholesale rate is needed to bring it in line with the cost to serve wholesale customers. To reduce the impact of this adjustment on our regional partners, we propose phasing this rate over several years, resulting in 8% yearly increases. 



View the Sept. 6 City Council Lunch presentation on proposed rate increases (Begins at 43:00)