Spring Showers

Spring showers are abundant and with them come an increase in traffic accidents. This is not a phenomenon, but can be directly attributed to drivers who continue to drive too fast and follow too closely during inclement weather.

Adjust for the Weather
Every time it rains, oils and other fluids that routinely leak from motor vehicles rise to the surface of the roadway. The water and other fluids make the roadway slicker than when it is 80 degrees and sunny outside. Drivers need to remember this and adjust their driving habits accordingly. Speed should be reduced (yes, sometimes even below the posted limit!!!) and following distances need to be increased to allow you more time to stop.

This would seem to be elementary but you still see drivers speeding and tailgating other motorists in less than desirable driving conditions. This is not to suggest that speeding and tailgating is acceptable when the weather is nice; it’s just not as prudent when you further reduce the traction of the roadway. So, slow down (yes, even below the posted speed limit when necessary) and leave more room between you and the vehicle in front of you. You’ll be amazed at how much difference it makes should you find yourself in a dynamic braking situation, attempting to avoid a collision.