School Safety

  1. Manual for School Crossing Protection
  2. Crossing Guards
  3. School Speed Zones
  4. School Traffic Congestion

Pedestrian safety largely depends on motorists’ understanding and acceptance of  traffic control measures, such as crosswalks, school zones, signals and the like. 

 All of these control measures are most effective if applied in a uniform and appropriate manner. That is why Public Works strictly follows federal regulations as mandated by the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. Following established best practices is never more important than in the vicinity of schools. Neither school children nor motorists can be expected to move safely in school zones unless they understand both the need for traffic controls and the ways in which these controls function for their benefit.

The lack of uniformity in the methods for traffic control within a community and from one community to another is considered one of the greatest obstacles to the development of successful school crossing safety programs. It is for this reason that the Springfield School Crossing Protection Committee has developed a manual (PDF) that provides policies and practices proven effective in the solution of community school pedestrian problems. The safety of school children should be the ultimate goal of everyone involved in the establishment and maintenance of school crossings.

School Crossing Protection Committee

The Committee on School Crossing Protection consists of: 

  • Director of School Public Safety for the Springfield Public Schools
  • District Traffic Engineer of the Missouri Highway and Transportation Department
  • Greene County Highway Department
  • Greene County Sherriff's Department
  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Representatives
  • Springfield City Traffic Engineer
  • Springfield Police Department

This committee is responsible for reviewing school crossing protection requests, recommending action to address school traffic safety problems, establishing priorities on projects, and developing policies and procedures to insure a uniform school crossing protection program throughout the entire city.