ADA, Walking and Sidewalks

Healthy communities are walkable communities. The Traffic Operations office makes pedestrian safety and accessibility a top priority.

Signalized Crosswalks
Signalized crosswalks are equipped with pedestrian push buttons and educational signage. The push buttons are activated by the touch of a finger and the button responds with a single "chirp" sound along with the display of a continuous red LED light. Two separate education plaques are used at school crosswalks.

If a button is not present, pedestrians need to "Wait for the Walk Light" (PDF) before crossing (shown in the first sign). In this case, the walk light will be displayed automatically and the time needed to cross the street is programmed into the normal signal operation. If a button is present, students need to "Push the Button for Maximum Time" (PDF) which is necessary to change the signal to "Walk" and obtain the maximum walk time to cross. Without pushing the button, a "Walk" light will not be displayed.    

Remember, before entering the street, look both ways and watch for turning vehicles. Also, never leave the curb after the hand starts flashing and the countdown timer has begun. The countdown timer informs a pedestrian that has already entered the crosswalk of the amount of time remaining to complete their crossing of the street. For more information about pedestrian crossings see the pedestrian safety flyer (PDF).

Push Button