Speed Bumps

Will the City install Speed Bumps on my Street?

The City of Springfield has a policy and procedure in place, which addresses the steps that need to be taken in order to have physical traffic calming devices implemented. In many instances, speed bumps are not the most effective form of traffic calming. They can create issues for emergency response vehicles, transit vehicles, and snow removal vehicles. Speed bumps also create noise pollution, which is considered a nuisance.

Traffic Operations is currently testing a form of speed bumps as pilot study in a Springfield neighborhood. In this test study multiple speed cushions have been installed at River Bluff Estates to help slow traffic and deter cut-through traffic. City staff will evaluate the impact of the speed cushions and evaluate if speed and traffic reduction benefits outweigh negative impacts, such as noise, delayed emergency vehicles and other concerns. If Public Works and the neighborhood find the overall results positive, the neighborhood will have the option to purchase the cushions while the City agrees to maintain them. At that point, the City may allow installation of speed cushions on other neighborhood roads if they meet the appropriate characteristics, such as speed, classification, lighting, driveway spacing, parking, etc. Each location would require an engineering study.