"No Parking" Signs

Can the City install “No Parking” signs on my street?

Parking in Springfield is primarily regulated through City Code. Parking on residential streets is generally permitted, as long as, distances to mailboxes, driveways, and intersections are kept, and parked vehicles don't block the road in such a manner that there is less than 10 feet of pavement available for passing vehicles. No-Parking signs are the exception to the rule and should only be installed when absolutely necessary - to lengthen a sight distances or to address other safety concerns. No-Parking signs are not meant to address abandoned vehicle issues or households with too many occupants.

It is noteworthy that there are benefits to on-street parking: Parked vehicles physically narrow down the traffic lane and are, therefore, a traffic calming measure that slows motorists down. Cars parked in the street muffle engine sounds and also form a barrier between cars and pedestrians on the sidewalks. On-street parking  allows for visitors during the holiday season, rather than having to apply for an exempt parking permit or risking a ticket.

To request a no-parking zone on your street, please follow this process:

1. Talk to the property owners on the effected street side. Collect the names and addresses of those in support or disagreement.

2. Submit your contact information along with the location in question to our office.  Explain what problem you want to solve with the parking prohibition and include your neighbor's signatures.

3. If the City Traffic Engineer finds the request reasonable and the necessary residential support is given, the City will send out survey to all property owners to help the Engineer assess the situation. However, the survey may be eliminated if a life-safety issue was confirmed.