1. Overgrown Sidewalks
  2. Intersection Sight Distance
  3. Vegetation Blocking Signs
  4. Low Tree Branches
  5. View blocked at Driveways

Landscaping – Keeping sidewalks clear and safe

Sometimes property owners are not aware that overgrown vegetation can become a safety hazard and is regulated by City Code.

When it comes to sidewalks, property owners are required to keep flowers, shrubs, trees and other vegetation from growing over the sidewalk, from the side or above (branches can not hang lower than 9 feet above the walking surface. If there are no sidewalks, vegetation may still be required to be trimmed away from the right-of-way because the vegetation has become a sight obstruction or other nuisance.

Complaints and judgment calls

If view is blocked from a reasonable distance from the intersection, a sign is obscured or vegetation is physically blocking a sidewalk, pathway, or road, please submit a sight obstruction complaint by following this link

Public Works staff will confirm the obstruction and take further action to remedy the situation. In most cases, Public Works leaves an educational door hanger that points out the property owner's responsibility and the current violation. In some cases, Public Works will have to follow abatement procedures, which is a legal process.