Traffic Signals and Management

Traffic Engineers from the City of Springfield and the Missouri Department of Transportation work side by side in the Transportation Management Center of the Ozarks. This partnership enables local and state traffic professionals to coordinate the two signal systems in the most efficient way possible. 

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Transportation Management Center of the Ozarks –  A Joint Effort

Springfield’s Transportation Management Center (TMC) was established in 1998 by the City of Springfield and Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). Within the TMC, city and state personnel utilize the citywide traffic signal system, real-time traffic monitoring camera system, dynamic message boards (DMS), and other traffic monitoring devices to address changes in traffic flow patterns and respond to incidents that occur throughout the transportation system.

When incidents such as crashes or stalled vehicles occur, TMC operators can relay valuable information to 911 operators. 911 then dispatches emergency response personnel to the scene. Operators dispatch MoDOT Incident Response personal and inform traffic engineers of major incidents so that they can modify signal programming.

City and MoDOT engineers work together to program the signal system with the goal of providing the safest, most efficient operation of traffic signals to serve the motorists and pedestrians. The development of the Transportation Management Center and citywide traffic signal system has enabled both agencies to provide a seamless system across multiple jurisdictional boundaries to improve travel times and reduce stops, overall delay, and fuel consumption throughout the community.

The City of Springfield and MoDOT maintain 271 traffic signals within Springfield, 142 of which are maintained by the City of Springfield. In addition to traffic signals, the agencies also maintain 125 traffic cameras, 48 dynamic message (DMS) boards, and a network infrastructure spanning 138 miles.

 To view a map of MoDOT Jurisdiction within Springfield. 

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