Bicycling Information


Bicycling is an increasingly prevalent mode of transportation in Springfield over the last couple of decades. To match the rise in demand for bicycling throughout Springfield, the City is following five main principles to develop and promote the needs and wants of the network users. These principles include:

  • Developing a bicycle network and increase connectivity
  • Developing bicycle skills and motorist awareness
  • Encourage an active lifestyle
  • Promote safety and protect bicyclists’ rights
  • Have a plan and set targets

These principles were set forth by the League of American Bicyclists, in an effort to encourage communities nationwide to achieve the status of Bicycle Friendly Community. Based on it’s efforts thus far, Springfield is currently ranked as a “Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community”.

In the following pages, learn more details about each of these principles.

BIKEWAYS – Here, you can find information about The LINK, Greenway Trails, Bike Share, and facility types.

SMART CYCLING – Here, you can learn about how you can be safe on streets and on the trail. Find out what training is available to learn more.

PLANS & POLICIES – Get engaged! Learn about Springfield’s plans and policies and how you can be involved in their development. Find out what possibilities there are for trails, on-street bikeways, The LINK, promotion of safety and bicyclists’ rights, and encouraging a bicycle culture.