Plans and Policies

There are several plans and policies  that outline the future of bicycling in Springfield.

 The Greenway Trail Plan for 2040 provides the specifics for continuing the development of a trail network in the Springfield metropolitan area. Our vision is to create a safe, accessible, comprehensive system of parks, open space, and greenways with sufficient land and facilities that connect selected public and private spaces while preserving the natural environment, and creating the Community as a Park concept through the participation and dedication of all segments of the community working in concert with the Park Board, Ozark Greenways, the City of Springfield, Greene County and Missouri. The  current version of the Trails Plan is the Parks, Trails, and Open Space element of Vision 20/20.
An updated plan known as "Forward SGF", Springfield’s comprehensive plan for 2040 is currently being reviewed.

In 2008 Springfield City Council adopted a bikeway plan. You can see the plan here: Policy for Bicyclists on Public Facilities 

The Complete Street Policy outlines how streets will be developed for all users through new development, street construction projects, and maintenance operations.
Our vision is that every public street, walkway, and greenways trail right-of-way in Springfield should be planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated to the fullest extent feasible to provide a transportation system such that all users will have transportation options to safely and conveniently travel to their destinations. City Council adopted a Complete Streets Policy in December, 2014, that states that all users will be considered as roadways are build, reconstructed, and maintained.