Any types of alteration of the public right-of-way require a permit. Traffic Operations handles driveways, excavations, sidewalk, fee in-lieu-of sidewalk construction and street closures, dumpsters and permanent encroachments. 

For street closures for special events or neighborhood block parties, please visit our page on special events. Please note that insurance will be required for events on public right-of-way. 

Many permits can be obtained through our automated eCity application and payment site.  

  1. Driveways or Sidewalks
  2. Excavations
  3. Dumpsters
  4. Sidewalk or Lane Closure
  5. Permanent Encroachment

Permits for new or modified driveways or sidewalks:

Permits must be obtained through our automated eCity application and payment site or you may visit us in the Traffic Operations office if you need assistance. If you request your driveway permit in person, please have all the required information ready with each permit description (see below). Direct any questions to the Traffic Operation office at (417) 864-1980. 

Application for a permit to construct, reconstruct, alter, remove or replace any driveway approach, or a curb, guttering or sidewalk in connection with such driveway approach work, shall include a plot plan, per Section 98-114 of Springfield City Code.

The permitting fee for modified or new sidewalks is currently $135

To apply to pay a fee in-lieu-of sidewalk construction through the Administrative Review Committee, go to eCity application and payment site. The current fee is $31.46 per linear foot. Click to see a copy of the fee in-lieu-of sidewalk application. You can find more detail on fee in-lieu-of sidewalk construction at the bottom of this page.  

Permit fees for new or modified driveways:

  • Commercial Driveway: $151
  • Residential Driveway:  Improved $105 and unimproved $119

Please note that upon your application for a constructability inspection will be done and therefore the permit likely not be be issued on the same day.

The following information is needed for Driveway applications: 

  • Site address
  • Name of contractor, address and telephone
  • Project description
  • Name of street driveway is on
  • Name of nearest cross street from driveway
  • Copy of subdivision plat if available
  • Width of driveway at curb cut AND at right-of-way/property line. (Minimum requirement is 26’ for commercial driveways and 12 feet for residential)
  • Driveway Plot Plan including the following items:
    • Distance from driveway to lot line measured at pavement edge (5’ min to neighbor’s lot line, 20’ min to intersecting street )
    • Footprint of structure, showing location of garage, carport or other required parking
    • Distance from garage door from right-of-way (20’ minimum)
    • Width and depth of property
    • Distance between house or building and property line
    • Setback distance from street right-of-way to building

Fee in-lieu-of sidewalk construction

As part of the (re)development in Springfield, sites are typically required to construct sidewalk along the entire length of the property frontage. It is required to on one side of the local streets and on both sides of streets classified as collectors and above (excluding expressways and freeways). As each site in Springfield (re)develops in Springfield, the requirement of this sidewalk construction will promote walkability, fill sidewalks gaps and create a connected network. However, in some instances, it may not be t feasible to construct sidewalk along a particular segment, or the construction of said sidewalk would be too costly. Along with a few other criteria (which can be found within the application), staff has found that is sometimes more beneficial to use those funds which would be used to construct the sidewalks elsewhere within the same Council Zone to fill key sidewalk gaps. The process followed to request paying a fee in in-lieu-of sidewalks construction begins with the completion of this application. The application is uploaded through eCity, where a meeting is requested with ARC (the Administrative Review Committee) to rule on the request. If approved, the applicant will be required to pay the fee in-lieu-of sidewalk construction, prior to issuance of a building permit. This fee can also be paid online through eCity. Currently, the fee is $19 per linear foot.