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In Springfield, food waste is the second largest component of our collective waste stream, accounting for over 12% of the waste that makes it to the landfill every day. That’s over 31,000 tons of food every year. 
An effective way to manage our own waste and repurpose it for future use, is through the practice of home composting. Not only does it reduce the amount of food waste that goes to our landfill, but it provides nutrient rich additives for yards and gardens.

Caring for Your Bin

Tips with Ashley

The act of composting sounds easy enough, but there are steps to follow and rules to consider whether you use a bin, vermicompost or using an open-air windrow system. As provided through our Dish to Dirt courses, Ashley demonstrates some tips for checking your bin, layering, using your compost and relocating your bin.
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The Recipe for Blue Ribbon Compost

Making compost is the ultimate form of recycling. It depends on taking things that were meant for the trash and turning them into a nutrient rich soil amendment that can be used on yards and gardens.