Courtesy Can Cause Accidents

The friendly nature of Springfield drivers has been the cause of many vehicle crashes. We have all seen this happen: a vehicle is waiting to exit from a driveway onto a traffic filled street. The driver of a vehicle on the street stops well behind the cars in front of him and allows the other car to pull out across the street.

Almost on a daily basis we see this "act of kindness" cause accidents. The driver coming off the parking lot tries to cross multiple lanes of traffic and is struck by a car in one of the inner lanes. The driver pulling off the lot cannot see the oncoming car because of stopped traffic and is "waved out" into this danger zone by a driver who also cannot see the oncoming car.

Do Not Wave Across
The easy way to prevent this is to not "wave across" anyone who wants to pull out and cross lanes of traffic to go the other direction. The drivers wanting to pull out may not be happy with you, but they will be more upset if you wave them into an accident. Only allow cars to pull out if they want to pull into the lane you are in and go the direction you are going. Also, remember this if you are waiting to get into traffic from a lot. "Let's be careful out there."