Inspections and Internal Affairs Complaints

The Inspections and Internal Affairs Unit (IIAU) is responsible for tracking and investigating complaints of misconduct against SPD employees and maintaining records on a variety of incidents, including disciplinary actions taken, vehicle pursuits, use of force and vehicle accidents involving on-duty SPD employees. In addition, this unit conducts internal audits, inspections of cash funds and evidence, as well as background checks for the City of Springfield related to certain licensing applications. 

Complaints received by IIAU are classified as one of five types:  Class I, Class II, Administrative, Miscellaneous and CCRP (Citizen Complaint Resolution Process). Class I complaints are the most serious external complaints (i.e. criminal violation, excessive force), while  Class II complaints are based on less severe policy violations (i.e. discourtesy, improper procedure). Administrative complaints are complaints initiated from within the police department. Other complaints are classified as Miscellaneous, as determined by the Chief of Police (i.e. dispute over guilt or innocence of the complainant, no allegation of misconduct, not involving SPD employees). Complaints classified as CCRP involve a face-to-face meeting with the complainant, the subject of the allegation, and the employee’s supervisor.

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