Driving While Medicated

Everyone has heard how dangerous drinking and driving can be. Thousands of people are injured or killed in drinking related accidents every year. The message is getting out and hopefully with enforcement and education these accidents will decrease.

There is another type of driving problem that causes many accidents each year that does not receive the attention of drunken driving. This is the problem of drivers operating their cars while under the influence of prescription medication. Many times the driver’s doctor-prescribed medication can have an effect on their ability to drive equal to, or worse than, being intoxicated. These drivers usually wouldn’t think of driving after drinking and are normally responsible drivers.

It Is Against the Law
Driving while impaired under the influence of medication is just as illegal as drinking and driving and has the same penalties. Please be sure to follow your doctor's and pharmacist’s instructions for your medication and don’t drive if you are not 100% alert.

Please be careful and always wear your safety belt.