Police Civilian Review Board

The Police Citizen’s Review Board was established by Springfield City Council in 1999 to review and comment to the City Council through the City Manager and to the Chief of Police upon citizen appeals of determinations made by the Police Department about specific police conduct matters.  Before serving on the board, each member is required to attend the Springfield Citizen’s Police Academy. Members are then selected by City Council. 

Ordinance Establishing Police Civilian Review Board (1999)

Ordinance Amending Section 2 of Original Ordinance (2003)

Appointed by
City Council

Member Terms
3 years

Residency Requirement
2 years

Meeting Time
First Tuesday of each month 01:00 PM

Meeting Location
Second floor West Conference Room, Busch Municipal Building, 840 Boonville Ave


NameCouncil ZoneTerm Expires
Clay, Eric205/01/2020*
Elliott, Noel405/01/2021*
Nease, Chris305/01/2022
Spartan, Samantha305/01/2022*
Williams, James K.205/01/2021

* Eligible for Reappointment