Cherry and Pickwick Traffic Calming Project

The goals of the Cherry and Pickwick Intersection and Traffic Calming project include slowing down traffic along the Cherry Street corridor, creating a safer and more inviting environment for pedestrians and promoting placemaking through aesthetic design features and landscaping.

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Project Background 

Popup Traffic CalmingOver the past several years, the Cherry Street and Pickwick Avenue area in Springfield has become an increasingly popular activity center for neighborhood residents and visitors alike. With the increase in popularity has come additional vehicular and foot traffic. This increased pedestrian presence spurred safety concerns among the neighborhood and business owners due to the proximity of vehicular traffic along Cherry Street, which serves as a secondary arterial roadway.

A pop-up traffic calming demonstration was conducted in 2017 to help gather data and feedback from the community. This demonstration involved staging brightly colored cones and painted tires in the roadway to simulate potential improvements. Information gathered during this demonstration indicated that traffic calming features were necessary in the area. Exploring various traffic calming industry best practices, the Public Works Traffic Operations division determined the following design features would be a feasible and appropriate solution.

Project Funding & Timeline

The project is anticipated to cost approximately $150,000 and will be funded through the 1/8-cent Transportation Sales Tax Alternative Transportation program. 

Following the public comment period for the preliminary design, Public Works will develop the final engineering design plans and expects to bid the project in November. Construction is anticipated to begin in early Spring 2021. 

Planned Intersection Improvements


Key Design Features

Improvements at Cherry and Pickwick will stretch roughly from Fremont Avenue to the west and the railroad crossing to the east. 

Traffic Calming:CHERRY AND PICKWICK_BulboutIllo
The Cherry Street and Pickwick Avenue intersection will feature "bulb-outs," or extensions of the curbline into the roadway, to visually and physically narrow the street. This narrowing effect forces vehicles to slow down as they enter the intersection. In addition, the bulb-outs also create a safer crosswalk by reducing the crossing distance for pedestrians from around 37 feet to closer to 22 feet, while also improving the sight distance for vehicles.

A raised crosswalk is also planned to be incorporated into the bulb-outs at the intersection. This will further slow traffic by creating a speed hump in the roadway. In addition, texturizing this crosswalk will provide an audible, tactile experience for drivers, further providing a reminder to use caution. 

Similar curbline bulb-outs will be added to the western and eastern limits of the project. These will again, create a visual and physical narrowing of the roadway and will signify to drivers that they are entering a “pedestrian friendly” area. Crosswalks will also be included in these eastern and western project limits. 

Although increasing parking was not a primary goal of the project, the proposed design provides for an additional six parking stalls within the project bounds as well as two dedicated motorcycle spaces.

The planned curbline bulb-outs not only serve to calm traffic, but they also provide for more green space and opportunity for landscaping. Various trees and native plantings are planned for the right of way.

Improvements Throughout Project Bounds