Share The Road Motorcycle Course

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The Springfield Police Traffic Section has developed a Civilian Motorcycle course. This one-day course will be offered to the public to give riders tools to make them better riders with the attempt to reduce motorcycle crashes.

 To participate, you much have the following qualifications and equipment:

  • A valid motorcycle endorsement (not a permit) 
  • A motorcycle (250cc or greater, no three-wheel variety) all motorcycles must have legal exhaust and legal handlebars  (i.e., no “ape hangers”).  All motorcycles must be street legal and subject to inspection.    
  • Motorcycle insurance 
  • A legal DOT approved Helmet 
  • Eye protection 
  • Footwear that covers your ankles 
  • Proper motorcycle attire 
  • Optional equipment but not required - armored or padded motorcycle gear 
  • Signed liability waiver

 This course will cover beyond basic riding techniques, motorcycle handling, objective avoidance, and other techniques and skills to make the attendees safer riders. This is not a beginner’s course and is intended to make a good rider better or to make a great rider hone their skills.

A date has not yet been set, but an interest form can be found through THIS LINK and  questions can be emailed to  [email protected]