1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax 2016-2019

Approved Programs

Program Title
Program Cost
Public/Private Shared Cost and Economic Development$1,200,000
Sidewalk/Curb/Gutter & Ramp Construction$2,250,000
School Sidewalk Program$1,000,000
Neighborhood Initiative Program$1,500,000
Facility Maintenance$750,000
Metro/Safety Signs and Markings$900,000
Major Street Resurfacing & Rehabilitation$4,600,000
Traffic Signal/Traffic Calming Program$1,200,000
Minor Neighborhood Improvements (pothole funds)$600,000
Center City Development$1,000,000
Reforestation & Landscaping Improvements$2,000,000

Approved Projects

Project Title
Project Cost
Continuation Projects
Primrose (South to Kimbrough)$2,600,000
 Design & Partial Right-of-Way (ROW) 
Galloway Street (Luster to Lone Pine)$300,000
Central Street (West of Clay)$600,000
New Construction Projects
Battlefield/Fremont Intersection Improvements$3,000,000
Fremont Avenue (Battlefield to Sunset)$2,000,000
Stormwater Permit Compliance (water quality) & Flood Control$4,500,000