1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax Program 2019-2039

Approved by Springfield voters on April 2, 2019, the most recent renewal of the 1/4-cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax was passed with a 20-year sunset. 

The following list of programs and projects were identified and approved by voters for the first five years of the tax. Public input and project prioritization processes will continue to be conducted on a regular basis to collect feed back to be used in the selection of future projects and programs over the 20-year term. The City's 6-year Capital Improvement Project planning process and Citizen Tax Oversight Committee process will continue to guide accountability.

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Approved Programs (2019-2024)

Program Title
Program Cost
Public/Private Shared Cost and Economic Development$2,580,000
Sidewalk/Curb/Gutter & Ramp Construction$4,200,000
School Sidewalk Program$1,700,000
Neighborhood Initiative Program$1,000,000
Metro/Safety Signs and Markings$1,500,000
Major Street Resurfacing & Rehabilitation$7,700,000
Traffic Signal/Traffic Calming Program$2,000,000
Minor Neighborhood Improvements (pothole funds)$1,000,000
Center City Development$1,700,000
Reforestation & Landscaping Improvements$3,500,000

Approved Projects (2019-2024)

Project Title
Project Cost
Continuation Projects
Galloway Street (Luster to Lone Pine)
Division Street (National to Glenstone)
 Design & Partial Right-of-Way (ROW) 
Kansas Avenue (Maplewood to Walnut Lawn) 
Fremont Avenue (Erie to Independence) 
Campbell Avenue (Republic to Westview)
New Construction Projects
Scenic Avenue Bridge over Wilson's Creek
Walnut Street Bridge over Jordan Creek
National/Sunset Intersection Improvements
Battlefield/Lone Pine Intersection Improvements
West Bypass & Kearney Intersection Improvements
Division Street Sidewalk (West Avenue to Kansas Expressway)
Stormwater Permit Compliance & Flood Control Projects7,600,000