1/8-cent Transportation Sales Tax 2017-2021

Approved Programs 

Program Title
Program Cost
Public/Private Shared Cost & Economic Development$1,200,000
Major Street Resurfacing & Rehabilitation$3,000,000
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) & Signal System Improvements$500,000
Turning Lane & Safety Improvements$800,000
Bridge Repair & Replacement$500,000
Alternative Transportation Program$2,000,000

Approved Projects 

Project Title
Project Cost
Continuation Projects
   Republic Road (Fairview to Chase) $4,500,000 
Design & Partial Right-of-Way (ROW)
   Galloway Street (Luster to Lone Pine)$500,000
   Division Street (National to Glenstone)$300,000
   Campbell/Walnut Lawn Intersection$1,200,000
Construction Projects
   Grand Street (Kansas to Park)$3,000,000
   Cherry Street (Barnes to Oak Grove)$2,500,000
Total   $12,000,000