Anna Callaway, Police Corporal, Springfield Police Department

Anna has worked for the Springfield Police Department since 2005.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about coming to work for the City?

My advice to someone looking to come work for the SPD is to do their research and come see what this job is about. Ride-alongs show the big picture of what officers deal with on a daily basis. 

What makes SPD stand out compared to other agencies?

SPD is the only agency I have ever worked for, but from friends/co-workers that have left to go to other agencies, I typically hear that we are much better overall. From the community aspects and the friendships I have made, to the workforce development that is put into each person.   

What do you love most about your job?

I love getting to work the calls that are meaningful to both me and the citizen. When I see someone I've helped months down the road and they remember me, even run up and give me a hug. That's why I started this job in the first place. 

What did you do before you were promoted to Corporal, and what do you do now? What do you like about what you get to do now as a Corporal?

Before I was promoted, I worked most of my career on patrol. I did a four-year stint at the Missouri State University substation, where I spent many hours on bicycle patrol and taught classes on campus safety. I currently am on second shift. I have moved to the Traffic 3 squad, which is our night shift Hazardous Moving Violation squad. We focus on DWIs, HMVs and traffic accidents.