1/8-cent Transportation Sales Tax 2013-2017

Approved Programs 

Program Title
Program Cost
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) & Signal System Improvements
Turning Lane Improvements$500,000
Bridge Replacements$1,000,000
Shared-Cost Projects$1,000,000
Alternate Transportation Bike/Pedestrian/Bus Stops$2,000,000
Major Street Resurfacing and Rehabilitation$1,500,000

Approved Projects 

Project Title
Project Cost
Mount Vernon Street and Orchard Crest Avenue 
Chestnut Expressway and Railroad Crossing West of US 65$600,000
US 65 & Battlefield Road$2,000,000
Bridges on Republic Road over James River Freeway$4,000,000
Weaver Road Widening - Campbell Avenue to National Place$1,250,000
Republic Road Widening - Scenic Avenue to Golden Avenue $1,600,000