Beechwood Heights Stormwater Improvements

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Start Date – August 15, 2020

Completion Date – June 11, 2021

Contractor - Hamilton & Dad, Inc.

Cost - $1,493,239.35

Design Engineer – HDR, Inc.

Design Features - The project consisted of construction of  new underground stormwater conveyance network consisting of:  approximately 1,350 feet of stormwater pipe, approximately 30 stormwater inlets and structures, and approximately 250 feet box culverts  to retrofit residential areas that previous relied only on shallow roadside ditches for stormwater conveyance.  The project included paving replacements and installation of curb & gutter along portions of E. Walnut, S. Elmwood Ave., and E. Horning Ave. and construction of open channel conveyance improvement located west of the dead end of E. Horning Ave.  City Utilities gas and water renewals were also incorporated with the construction of the stormwater improvements.

Funding - 1/4 cent sales tax

General Location – E. Walnut Street, S. Elmwood Ave., E. Horning Ave.

Objectives -  The objective of the project was to retrofit portions of the Beechwood Heights neighborhood with underground stormwater infrastructure for improved stormwater conveyance to help alleviate long standing residential flooding of yards, roadways, and structures.